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Review: Actress - Ghettoville

Posted by The Ape at 08:11 on 30 Jan 2014
Actress - Ghettoville
After I listened to Actress's Ghettoville I thought I'd check out a few of the reviews that were floating around the internets. I was quite astonished by some of the reactions out there and even more astonished by my reaction to them. I've attempted to paraphrase the whole episode into a fictional conversation between myself and the rest of the world, entitled Me vs. The Rest Of The World.

Review: Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull

Posted by Tom Farncombe at 20:55 on 30 Sep 2013
Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull
It might have been expected that Kings of Leon would follow up 2011's joyless Come Around Sundown with a Christmas cash-in best of, maybe featuring a couple of dashed-off new tracks to justify the release, satisfy their label, and slow their inevitable drift out of the mainstream consciousness since fulfilling the stadium-filling goals they set their sights on some years ago. However, a compilation release would have been a lazy, cynical, crassly commercial move of no artistic merit whatsoever, whereas this new album - their sixth - is... well, I think you know where I'm going with this.

Review: Babyshambles – Sequel to the Prequel

Posted by Tom Farncombe at 21:19 on 05 Sep 2013
Babyshambles – Sequel to the Prequel
I’m afraid I only lasted half of this record. Listening to one of music’s worst (or greatest??) narcissists singing songs about himself/drugs/himself on/off drugs has only enough appeal to last a few songs of competent indie guitar music that could have been made at any point in, I don’t know, the last 30 years before giving up with the conclusion that the rest of the album probably doesn’t deviate too far from the blueprint that Peter Doherty has tediously established for himself over the last decade.

Review: Deap Vally – Sistrionix

Posted by Tom Farncombe at 08:53 on 04 Jul 2013
Deap Vally – Sistrionix
Two-piece bands are ace, YEAH! Music’s most primitive dynamic, YEAH!! Ruins! Lightning Bolt! The Black Keys! White Stripes! Japandroids! Death From Above 1979! YEAAAAAH!!! And now: two don’t-give-a-shit-hot-panted-big-haired-Joan Jett-esque California girls spitting out scuzzy bile over stripped down garage rock, DOUBLE YEAH!!!! Except… this all looks great on paper, but actually listening to Sistrionix is a tedious exercise in waiting for something interesting to happen.