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HEALTH are back, thank fuck for that

HEALTH are back, thank fuck for that
Update: Health's new album Death Magic is confirmed for release on August 7, and the news single 'New Coke' is available to watch on the HEALTH website. Now on with the only slightly out of date news story...

As reported in an interview by Pitchfork, in one of their beautiful giant parallax scrolling web pages that I'm not at all jealous of, unwashed LA noise-rockers HEALTH have finally finished their first album in six years.

Working with Haxan Cloak, Mars Volta's Lars Stalfors and longtime Kanye West collaborator Andrew Dawson, the quartet will release their follow-up to the sublime ear-assault that was 2009's Get Color later in the year, and according to the interview this "experimental electronic, pop-prog, and hip-hop" mash-up "doesn’t not sound a little like Linkin Park" at times.

Make of that confusing little muddle what you will. Don't blame me, I didn't write it. I am however very excited. Particularly as there's a later admission revealing that the band loves Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream'. Now if you've never heard HEALTH before, based on the bands mentioned you would probably expect them to sound like a cross between Crystal Castles and Slayer. You'd be right.

Here's the terrific and terrifying video for 'We are Water' directed by the equally terrific and terrifying Eric Wareheim to get you in the mood.

Sleep tight.

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