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Review: Squarepusher - Damogen Furies

Squarepusher - Damogen Furies
Squarepusher does two things really well, he makes crazy fast melodies and he makes furious percussion spasms. The first part of his career he tended to do both of these things at the same time but with his later albums the beats started to take a backseat. They calmed down on Hello Everything, got thin and tinny as Squarepusher explored melodic pop with Just A Souvenir and Shobaleader One and were altogether absent on the solo electric bass excursion Solo Electric Bass 1.

This led to the usual wistful grumblings of people pining for the chaotic tumblings of earlier work but it would appear that none were more pissed off than the drums themselves. They tried to make themselves heard on Ufabulum but the melodies had become the brash chords of 90s trance, drowning out everything in sheer bombast. On Damogen Furies the drums go for the throat.

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