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Review: Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War

Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War
I thought we had successfully said goodbye to the Kaiser Chiefs with 2012's The Singles compilation, but oh no, here we are in 2014 and all it took was a short stint by Ricky Wilson on a BBC prime-time Saturday night talent show - the only saving grace of which is that it's slightly less of a parade of stark cuntishness than that other prime-time Saturday night talent show - to herald the return of lad-pop's least talented sons.

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Posted by Christopher at 09:25 on 05/04/14
It's what we do!

FYI: This review was called "spiteful and pathetic" by a Nigel Farage supporting Twitter user the other day.

I just thought I'd mention that.

Edited at 09:48 on 05/04/14
Posted by junglerock at 22:09 on 02/04/14
I always like the Kaisers ok, but never really listened to them very closely after the debut. However, you have now destroyed them completely and I will only think of poor Peanut. Popdin, saving me listening time and money!