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Review: Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots
Everyday Robots is the sound of a very tired man. Damon Albarn has steered two incredibly successful yet creatively fractious bands through to their natural conclusions. Worked across the globe with a rich and varied collection of multicultural artists and genres. Written operas, written film soundtracks and has managed to be the one of the few survivors of Britpop with a reputation that's not only still intact, but also stronger than it's ever been.

Now Albarn has come home for a bit. He's resting his dog-eared Toms on his mum's living room table, drinking a cup of green tea and avoiding being shouted at by smoking his crafty ciggies out of the window. He'll probably have an afternoon nap later on.

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User Comments

Posted by Ali at 21:10 on 20/05/14
I even searched for the correct spelling when I subbed this and Google said 'Funky'. Yes, I sub sometimes.
Posted by Ed at 16:23 on 05/05/14
Uncle Phil was a judge. That would be ridiculous.
Posted by Christopher at 16:07 on 01/05/14
Proper spelling of rapper's names is a moveable feast at the best of times Ed. I'm looking at records with a y spelling right now.

Also, are you insinuating that Uncle Phil is Del's lawyer?
Posted by Ed at 07:52 on 01/05/14
It's spelt "Del Tha Funkee Homosapien". I mean JESUS. I shall be contacting his lawyer (Phil Tha Funkee Attorney at Law) and you will shortly be hearing from him.
Posted by Ali at 15:52 on 29/04/14
Listening to Mr Tembo. Now I hate my ears. Thanks EARS.