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About Us

What is Popdin.co.uk?
We're a music website. We review new music, so you can stop listening to the same Johnny Hates Jazz cassette that's been sat in your car for 20 years. We're the sister site of the wonderful TheShiznit, an enthusiastic little place that tries to cover developments in the seedy underworld of film.

Before Popdin, the writers ran a music blog called Right Track Wrong Speed, go and take a look, it's much the same as Popdin, only in the past.

Can I write for you?
Of course you can! We accept new writers all the time. Sadly we won't be able to pay you for your efforts, but you will get your name in lights (if, by 'lights', you mean 'small purple writing') and you can swear as much as you want. We're always looking for contributions of any nature - reviews, features, news articles, anything. Email us for a chat at popdinuk@gmail.com

I'm in Music PR. Pimp my client!
If you're promoting an artist and would like to send popdin.co.uk any promotional material then send an email to popdinuk@gmail.com and we'll discuss terms. We'll happily promote your music if it's something our readers might be interested in. Be warned, though: if it's a load of rubbish, we won't hold back.

(Ah not really. Only if you're Robin Thicke).